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Beach Hair, Don't Care!

My Family loves all things beach, in fact for most of us if we aren’t at a beach or pool we could care less about summer. However, there is one thing I have hated about the beach for as long as I can remember. Now I can’t speak for the ladies with fine hair, but all my sisters, my mom, and I have thick coarse hair. And that hair texture plus the salty water and sand equals a rats nest disaster waiting to happen. It’s always that horribly dry, crunchy feeling at the end of the day that just drives me nuts. I can’t wait to get home and start attempting to get my hair back to normal! So finding products that would help our hair from getting to this point and then fixing it has become my mission!

So far I have found some great tips and tricks for all hair types! Below are my top products!

1,) Travel Hair Mask: Before getting in the Pool, or the

Ocean I like to put a conditioner or a hair mask on. This is great especially if you’re a blonde swimming in a chlorinated pool! By putting on the mask you are filling your hair shaft and therefore blocking the chlorine or salty water from getting in and for blondes it eliminates the possible green tint!

2.) Wet Brush: I keep a wet brush in my dressing room, my bathroom, and in the summer one is always in my beach bag. I have very thick coarse hair and these are the only brushes that don’t make it feel like I’m ripping my hair out!

3.) Leave In Conditioner:

After awhile of swimming that mask is going to rinse off and you’ll still most likely end up with “Beach Hair” and for me beach hair is a knotted mess. So I like to keep a leave in spray in my bag to spritz once I’m out of the water for the day!

For Fine hair!

4.) Anti Humidity Spray/Cream:

Once I’m done hanging out on the beach I like to go to the board walk if that is an option. But I hate when I feel like my hair looks like Monica on vacation! This spray helps me out by reducing the frizz x5

5.) Scrunchies!

When it comes to hair ties the tighter the hold the more hair you’re pulling out. Scrunchies give you an option to have your hair back but not so tight that we are going to pull it too much! Compared to regular hair ties scrunchies are much less damaging to as well. Satin scrunchies are preferable but regular scrunchies will work too.

Thanks for reading I hope you try these Tips&Tricks and they work for you like they have my family and I !!


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