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Beach, Please

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

With summer moving in fast, I am hearing everyone slip into Vacay Mode. Planning anything is one of my favorite things to do and planning a vacation is the ultimate challenge. There are always overwhelming moments when planning a trip for 10+, which is my current dilemma.

Destinations, Dates and Lodging, Oh My!!

These days in my family, everyone has their own agenda and as always my agenda is about being together and making memories. So a lot goes in to a successful trip with multiple players, personalities and purposes. I will let you know how our adult take on Disney in October goes!!

"Only worry in the world is the tide gonna reach my chair."

Easy trips to take with a large group are beach day trips. We are fortunate to live within driving distance to some fair beach destinations. But, Ocean City brings us closer to extended family! So we tend to head East ,most of the time, to put our toes in the sand.

I move a lot during the week so for me planting myself in the chair just close enough to have the end of the tide cool me off is Heaven. I share that with some fellow sun worshipers in my family, my parents! Then we have the boys who sit at desks all week and can’t sit for more than a sandwich on the beach. They spend all day in the surf!

So to keep everyone happy I plan with everyone in mind, not just one person. I think about each individual and make a quick packing list of things they like.


Scarlet/London- unique suntan lotion bottles and cups, hats, anything instagram-able!

Presley- Book/Magazine , Healthy Snack options

Nick- sunscreen and snacks in general!

Dean- toys! This guy has more energy and your lucky to see him out of the water.


I am fairly certain I struggle with a tad bit of claustrophobia and so for me I need space.

I am that girl! I pack the car the night before, wake up early and arrive at the beach when there are just a few couples getting in their morning walks. Survey the scene, pick a spot and set up shop! There is a canopy that goes up with a folding table, linens, food, hand wipes, paper towels and a “punch” container! There is a cooler of waters, ice and flavored drinks. Sam hangs the big jambox and we become prisoners to whatever Indie music he wants to listen to!! I have standard height chairs under the tent for my white family members that get serious shades of red and a blanket for those who need a nap.


Then to the right of the canopy I put a beach blanket for tummy down sun-tanners and then to left of the tent is the beach toys, like boards, floats, buckets and shovels!!

About 4ft in front of the tent is my favorite part.... about 10 chairs and lounges lined up with mini tables, small coolers, books, magazines, lotions ,sunglasses and hats.

Around this time, my nephew shows up with a large carafe of coffee and one of the couples grab donuts!! The day is off to a great start.

First things first, Instagram photos. This is usually for the girls while the boys make fun, even though they go to the gym for these very photos. They aren’t fooling me!



The guys then hit the water, where you can almost immediately see Nick start to burn because he won’t hold back enough for the lotion to dry.


My nephew, who I fully believe is a direct descendant of Jimmy Buffet, enjoys the beach like no one I know. He and I have the best conversations and the best laughs on beach days, "Why is the Rum always gone"!!

My little Scarlet gets her people for an entire day and she is 100% a mermaid. Some part of her body must be touching water at all times.

Tradition dictates Thrasher fries and the most difficult part of the entire is holding out for them to open! That is next to deciding its time to head home.


Life is good on the Beach. It’s quiet, yet noisy. It’s relaxing yet packed full. You have deep conversations about life changes and mindless laughter about each other flaws. In our family it is the best place to reconnect!

*My Favorite Beach Snacks

Pasta Salad


Cheese Cubes and Pepperoni

Pretzels and dip

Salt & Jennifer chips (as baby Scarlet would say)

Old Bay Chips

Fresh cut Veggies



*Everything is individually packaged so no wet/sandy hands touch all the food and nothing is left open to spoil.


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