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Before its too late!!

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

SHEIN Beach Haul

Before it’s too late!

:: Grab a snack & drink babes, incoming a long post about…. BIKINIS.::

A couple years ago I learned something about my house...it’s magic. I say this because every summer when I go to dig out my swimsuits from the past summer, I discover my suits have magically grown legs and run off. Now because of this I’ve grown tired of spending money on expensive suits that last only a few beach days and then they are never to be seen again.

So, naturally, heading into the 2019 beach season, I knew I needed to order new suits and then some backups… and the SHEIN bikini shopping madness ensued!

I’ll break this post down into sections so it’s easier to digest.

:: sips coffee ::

So, what’s SHEIN? I have seen a few fashion hauls on Youtube over the past couple of years from fashion bloggers and vloggers who had ordered from a seemingly ridiculously affordable website called SHEIN. Some even used the term “underpriced” to describe the items they had purchased, and mentioned they were also great quality. Turns out, SHEIN is an online retailer based in China, and they have tons of fashion, gifts, and homeware items at really low prices


The one not-so-great thing about ordering off this site, is that you have to purchase a bikini in a set. So you’re not able to mix and match different sized tops and bottoms.

For reference I am 5’8” and I typically go back and forth between Medium and Large depending on brand. After checking all the size charts and reading several reviews, I ended up ordering all of the bikinis in a size Large because I’d rather it be a little big than too tight.


Check the size chart on each individual swimsuit you’re interested in buying. They all have different size charts and sizing recommendations - probably based on the style/cut of the suit.

-go through all the reviews and customer photos. They really help you see what the fabric looks like in person and how the suit sits on a real body.


Here are the bikinis I ended up ordering, with prices, links, and a few notes.

*** All of the bottoms came with protective try-on liner stickers and the tops came with removable pads. But I wanted to include that note here just in case that’s important to you! ***

Style name: Appliqués Trim Bandeau top&bottom

$12 - size L Top runs big, bottoms true to size

I was worries about this because typically I bounce between a large or medium bottom so I thought this may be too big. But the top of the suit was too big and the bottoms fit perfectly. I’m a 32DD for reference so Ido think the tops run a ½ size larger! The bottoms are a little cheeky but not much!

Style name: Leopard Criss Cross One Piece Swimwear

$13 Size L True to size

A very deep v in the front, it cuts to my mid stomach but has the ability to cover more because you can custom it with the wrap strings. The back is also very cheeky, this is not a suit for the family trip, save this for a girls weekend or a fun travel trip!

Style name: Random Tropical with High waisted bikini and cuff

$14 size L top not for C cup and up

Bottoms true to size

This suit was purchased mainly because I mean look how cute! The top in my opinion was made for a bra size A and B it doesn’t cover much and if you are a C+ and turn too fast an accident could happen. And the cuffs are separate they don’t attach to the suit so you do get an option to wear or not which is nice,. The Bottoms however are full coverage and fit great!

Style name:‫Ruffle High Waist Bikini Set

$13 Size L True to size

This suit is a dream, it is a complete full coverage suit. The top covers everything as does the bottoms. It’s extremely comfortable as well!

Style name: ‫Dalmatian Print Bandeau Top With High Waist Bikini

$12 size L true to size

This was my first swimsuit purchase from shein and it’s still one of my favorite it’s the thickest but most comfortable material! I like to swap the bottoms with colors like shown to play around. These bottoms are pretty cheeky, there is still some coverage and is not the cheekiest I’ve seen but it is up there.

So, what do you think about SHEIN swimwear? Have you ordered from them before? I decided to write this post because I was actually searching for something like this (a really in depth review of the items and an honest opinion - from an unbiased, non sponsored person online) while I was shopping and narrowing down which suits I wanted to order on the site.

Hopefully this helps someone find at least one cute bikini before pool/beach season ends and now there’s no need to search for end of summer sales! ! :)

Plus keep your eye out they do put these already underpriced suits on sale and you can get them for even less!

Thanks for reading this whole thing!



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