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Best SPF Products and Post Tanning

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

I could be wrong here, but I feel like everyone knows by now I am an avid tanner, as I rarely ever appear without a sun kissed glow. I think in 4 years Nick has only seen my real skin color maybe a handful of times. The fact that I work in the tanning industry and beauty industry, I have easy access to researching and learning the most recent trends and product testing. Y’all can trust me, if I am talking about a product it is because I have first hand experience with it!

We all know the sun's harsh rays can cause serious damage. I love a good beach day like the rest of you, however; don’t let beach days now ruin your skin later. That’s why I gave up baking my skin and picked up spray tanning and self tanning! I’m also horribly impatient when it comes to results and laying out each day for hours when I could be as dark as I want in 10 minutes is waayyyy more my style!

So what I’m giving you guys today is a breakdown in 3 different categories-

my favorite beauty products with SPF, my favorite in the sun products, and for my spray/self tanners, my favorite prep and post tanning products!

My Favorite SPF Beauty Products.

Supergoop SPF 50 Setting Spray: Now I do believe and strongly suggest you should use a primer or moisturizer with SPF. But, if you think eh that’s too much then this baby is perfect for you. Once you’re makeup is complete simply set your face with this product and your makeup is locked in and your skin is protected at the same time!

It Cosmetic’s CC Cream : Are you someone who wears makeup but just keeps it very light? Then try It Cosmetics CC cream. They have a few different types to meet all skin types! Each one has spf as an ingredient so you will not need to add more step in your daily regimine.

Maybelline Dream Urban Foundation: This is found at most drug stores or even easier, online! It is a full coverage foundation and has Spf 50 in it! It does oxidize a bit, so keep that in mind and be careful when picking your shade!

2.) My Favorite In The Sun Products.

& Glow Products!

Caribbean Sol Sunscreen and after Sun lotion: I used this product for the first time 2 weeks ago and now it’s all I use. I have Spf 15 & 30 and I am a person that really never burns. I am very careful in the sun. I also love this product because it’s Eco/Reef safe. Always read your labels to be certain your products are not only not harmful to you but also our environment!

Coppertone Glow: Being that I love all things bronze and sparkly, this is one of my personal favorites. This sunscreen comes in SPF 15-50 and I wear it like it’s lotion. It gives your skin a soft tint, and makes you literally glow!

Sally Hansen Airbrush Illuminator: I love both shades of this product. They have nude which is really more like a champagne and gold! I love to put this on when I’m wearing shorts or a dress, and simply want that extra shine to pop on my legs or arms. It’s applicator is a roller, it is quick to apply, fast drying and no messy hands! This product inexpensive so I grabbed both and am so happy I did!

3.) My Favorite Prep & Aftercare Spray Tan Products


Perfect Glow Body Wash: I LOVE using our special mitts to exfoliate with because it doesn’t “strip” the skin but also doesn’t leave a barrier on the skin for the tan. It also has no harsh ingredients which help the tan stay longer while cleansing your body —- Pro-Tip, it’s an excellent shaving “gel/cream” for preserving the tan in between sprays!

Exfoliating Mitt: You can buy these anywhere but I have 2 favorites! 1 from the brand Spraii and it is the best! It has a strong grit and cleans your old tan and dead skin in 2 swipes (ask me to order). The other one i like to use is St. Tropez. They are similar in design but the Spraii mitt has a better grit and so it requires less work on my part.


Perfect Glow Tan Extender: We sell Perfect Glow Products at Spray Tan Annapolis, and honestly I’ve used a lot of lotions but this is still top on my list of must haves. It has included in the ingredients, the same DHA we use in our tans. That means it is constantly keeping your tan active, therefore you are getting many more days out of your Spray Tan. This is one of our best sellers and the only option in my book because it’s the only one I’ve used that works!! (Contact to purchase)

Self Tanner:

There are a few different forms of self tanner. From lotions to mousse to sprays and more. Trust me between myself, my mom and my sisters we have tried them all! These are my favorite:

Lotions: Perfect Glow Gradual Tan, Ocean Potion Ever Glow. These are my constants, The PG Grad Tan is darker and is more on the higher end. I found Ocean Potion at Walmart and it works 100% but it’s much more of a Glow than a tan, it does smell like a box of fruity pebbles and it’s only $5 which is why it is fully stocked in my house!

Mousse: My favorite mousse is the PG Brown Mousse. I like this one because it’s the same exact tan as the Spray Tan I get and it’s also the darkest color. I can shower within 3-4 hours of the application and I can immediately see it develop immediately so when I miss a spot or smudge it I can see it and fix it before it is too late. There is a rapid color as well which is ideal for people who are naturally fair and you also shower in 3-4 hours. (Contact for purchase) My 2nd option I’m currently testing for you guys as I write this! This is the L’Oréal Sublime Water Mousse. So far I’m a little apprehensive so we will see in the morning! It goes on completely clear and you can’t really see where you have put it. I’m trusting my experience, that I did this right!!

Sprays: The only spray I use and keep stocked is St.Tropez Purity Bronzing Mist. The reason I love this is because one of the first things to fade from a tan is your face. Now I did purchase a drug store brand to offer in the post as an option. It’s the LA Tan Luxury Sunless Water. I’ll keep you guys posted on this!! Both of these products help you keep your tan fresh and from making your face lighter than the rest of you!

Alright guys that was a lot but I hope It helps you out! Have some fun in the sun and keep your skin happy and healthy!

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