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I was talking recently to a Chef, while having an impromptu tasting, when she asked what was my favorite dish to make. I thought for a moment over all the things I baked, fried, grilled, etc. when it dawned on me the one thing I jump at the chance to make. Charcuterie Boards!

I’m obsessed to put it mildly. They are entertainment within themselves. It gives me a chance to express myself creatively, as they are never the same spread twice. I make them for picnics, lazy Sundays, parties, and even times I am alone and don’t want to make a full meal, but maybe just want to pick at snacks all day.

On top of everything else I did for my oldest daughters wedding, I made 2 huge charcuterie boards for the cocktail hour! There is no rhyme or reason to them and it opens up an opportunity to be as subdued or eclectic as I am feeling in the moment.

I have collected platters for sometime and NOW, I have a reason to use them!! Although, they aren’t the traditional boards you see on Instagram and Pinterest, so I see a shopping trip in the near future!!

Basically, when building a charcuterie board you follow the perimeter of the grocery store. Start with meats, cheeses, fruits and veggies then move into the aisles of the store by adding in crackers, crusted breads, sesame or pretzel rods, dips and spreads.

a beautiful centerpiece, that it hurts a bit when my guests dive in! The best part of the dish is that they are a conversation starter and they generate gatherings. I love to see people standing together talking and laughing. Sharing life with family and friends making memories, is what life is all about! Make sure your guests can collect from both sides, step back, watch and be proud of your creation!

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