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But First, Coffee

     So here’s the thing, who isn't into coffee these days. I know high school students certainly are. We are all working hard to get ahead and get into good schools. So far this semester alone I have accumulated 1800 extra credit points in my AP class alone!

 Coffee isn't a trend

it is a necessity!

This hidden gem in Calvert County is The Lobby Coffee Bar. It is a community as well as a charitable stop down the heart of Route 4, located just inside the front "lobby" of Chesapeake Church. They are open 7 days a week, check The Lobby for specific hours of operation. 

To say I am biased to this particular place would be accurate. Since I was in 7th grade I have been a member of Peake youth, which meets on Wednesday nights each week. I always get a coffee or another one of their amazing drinks before heading into bible study. My friends and I absolutely LOVE going to this coffee bar/eatery. We’ve even made it a routine to go here whenever we have a day off of school to get breakfast or lunch.  

I recently heard of the workshop, Nick Cartron, the areas top barista, was teaching on the health and history of coffee, right inside The Lobby. I jumped at the chance to go. Here is a little of what I learned, just a tidbit. If you want more you will have to take his class!!!

Coffee beans are the seeds of the fruit on a tree called Coffea. In the beginning, coffee beans actually did not have caffeine in them. DO WHAT! But, as time went on they adapted and so did humans! 

It has been used to treat medical issues, and also used as a bug repellent, among other things. During the Revolutionary Times, coffee was the common drink during the tea protest. After this, the demand for coffee raised A LOT.

Over the session, participants were able to try three coffees which were brewed three different ways, all with different flavors. The first we tried was made in a cloth filter drip brew, with a cloves added in to add more flavor, this was one of the stronger coffees we tried. The second was made with a press pot which made it taste more rich and smoky. The third was made in a V60 pour over, which had a light lavender, honey and lemon flavor to it. Personally, the one made in the cloth filter drip brew was my favorite, only because I enjoy a stronger flavor to my coffee.

Nick, is a fantastic teacher because of two key ingredients. He has a passion for the subject matter and a passion for people. The next workshop is scheduled for February 2, 2019, but you can check the website regularly under Events to find any future workshop.


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