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I am sure everyone has their own pre-travel checklist, as I am pretty set on mine. I feel like I lose the excitement of vacay when I come home to anything out of order. So I tend to have the storm before the calm!

First, is a slight purge in my room and bathroom. Closet organized, clean sheets, and depending on my schedule I have been known to clean the carpet the night before leaving on a trip, so they have extended time to dry and settle without foot traffic. All laundry must be washed, dried and put away. I can not stand fighting clean clothes with vacation laundry. That vacation laundry, ugh, I despise on a whole other level. When the kids were little I would have the sorting baskets lined up and ready for return, now that they are older, they pretty much take care of themselves or should! Floors need to be vaccuumed, or mopped and dishes put away, including those hidden away in the dishwasher. I will clean out the refrigerator, have the trash cans emptied and have the bags removed...I don’t do trash, it’s a pet peeve of mine.

My favorite thing to do, which is the very last thing I do, is take all the lids off the candles and have fresh plug-ins in the walls. That way when I open the front door upon returning, everything feels and smells welcoming. As much as I have grown to love travel, There is no place like home!


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