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Cold Brew

There is this local coffee shop in our county called The Lobby, and so many people I know love going there. The coolest thing about The Lobby and the thing that sets it apart is that it’s created inside our local Chesapeake Church. So for all the locals reading this I’m sure you already know but to my out of towners you might find this unique!

On top of it being a perfect place to connect spiritually, hangout, and eat it is also a great place to learn new things! Nick one of the best coffee connoisseurs works there and he hosts different Coffee/Cafe themed classes each month. This time it was all things cold brew, Nick hand crafted 3 different cold brews and infused them with all different ingredients in different ways! My personal favorite was Captains Choice, but I also loved the other two Davy Jones Locker and Siren Call….I mean with those names how can I not?!! My favorite part was this time we did a trivia (I’m a queen at trivia) and I won a cold brew kit! So far my coffee skills have ended with me buying coffee haha but I’ll get there!


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