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It’s almost time! T-Minus 2 days until October 1st. When it becomes socially acceptable to start celebrating a holiday I’ve been celebrating since Labor Day. I love Halloween!

(Can we just discuss how stinking cute little Scarlet was!)

Growing up my parents always went all out. The house was fully decorated inside and out. I can remember the huge bonfires we had when we were younger. I was in elementary school but I swear there would be at least 50 people. I would have to say though of all the Halloween's #21 was definitely my favorite. That Halloween after the trick or treating hayride (I just rode along and ate my own personal stash of candy) Dean got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. (Insert all the heart eye emojis)

So needless to say we take our Halloween pretty seriously around here. Now there are only 4 weekends in October which means to really get into the festive spirit you need to take advantage of the weekday/nights as well. WEEKNIGHTS? “You’re nuts Presley.” “I can’t go to a haunted house or a pumpkin patch on a weeknight.” “I have work” “The kids have football.” “Girl I don’t want to plan cute outfits.” Trust me as a self proclaimed homebody I fully understand & I've got you covered! That is why tonight’s post is all about holiday fun you can have in the comfort of your home. I have put together my own Halloween Movie List. My top movies that will send a chill down your spine and make you sleep with a light on… but don’t worry I’m also including some kid safe options to get the whole family excited. So get your candy corn and Halloween Oreos and lets get this party started!

So curl up with your favorite person and/or fuzzy blanket

and enjoy some festive frights!


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