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Date Night!

My love language is definitely quality time. This has always been the most important part of a relationship to me. Nick and I are both busy people. Nick in school, working in DC, and I am in school while also working full time. Meanwhile we both have large families whom we try to hangout with often as well. So weekly date nights became an important part of our weekly routine. Making sure we found time for each other amidst the busy. Most of the time our date night is as simple as us running to get a bite to eat before everything closes. Me getting home most nights around 8:30 doesn’t make it easy! So I’ve compiled a few of my favorite date nights for other busy couples that seem to work the best!

1. Dinner Date: Nick and I are two people that love to eat. We could eat anything, anytime, almost anywhere. So a plus side to getting out of school later is that by that time we are both pretty hungry, and most places don’t close until 10! Because we both still live at home, these dates give us time to enjoy a meal and actually be present with one another.

2. Gym dates: Before Nick started his current job we would go to the gym everyday after school. This may not be exactly a “date” to everyone but it that quality time that I will take over anything! Spending time together, ENOUGH! Plus, I get to crush on my guy while he lifts big weights, and he gets to laugh at me while I pretend I know what I am doing!! This is a win win for both!

3. Netflix and chilled (pick a tv show and watch it together with a chilled drink): Nick and I have made it a set thing that on Monday and Tuesday evenings we sit down and watch a show with the occasional drink in hand! Currently we are watching and laughing our way through The Bachelor, and we have really enjoyed the Good Doctor. Good lord the newest episode was such a tearjerker!!

4. The Lunch Date: When I first started school Nick would sometimes surprise me on my lunch break, “extra time” together. This was always a nice treat getting to see each other earlier than originally planned!

5. Day trips: I’ll speak for myself when I say, day trips are my favorite summer time date! Sometimes we bring friends and double date, and other times we just enjoy our day one-on-one. We are so fortunate to live in an area that gives us some great options. We go to shows in the city, professional sporting events, the beach, or theme parks! Anything we can do that doesn’t involve having to stay overnight and most of these we can get to in less than 2 hours.

6. Weekender: Every now and then Nick and I happen to have weekends open for mini vacations. Recently Nick surprised me and we went to NYC for a post holidays trip. We got time to be together and play tourist before getting back into the groove of our busy lives! My favorite mini trip to date was flying to Atlanta to swim with the whale sharks at the one of the largest aquariums in the United States! I am most definitely a “Yes way, Vacay” kind of girl!

Have a great week everyone and get ready to celebrate the most romantic day,

February 14th, with your special someone on the biggest “date night” of the year! ❤️

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