• More Than Rubies

To My Children,

It is hard for me to put into words what you mean to me because I am so undeserving of you. I was young and inexperienced in so many ways, yet God saw fit to charge me with the amazing responsibility of developing your hearts, your minds and your character. I took it very seriously, at times too serious and sometimes probably too light hearted. I always knew I was only the vessel to get these tiny gifts through life and teach you all the important things or at least what I thought was important.

-Jesus Saves

-Your family was given to you for a reason, never turn your back on each other

-So were feelings and you are meant to

experience them all and that is ok as long as it’s balanced.

-If you learn to laugh at yourself then it’s no big deal if someone else does.

-If you think most people don’t like you....you might be a jerk, check yourself

-Don’t lie it exposes weakness in your character. Own up, it’s ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. Stupid is as stupid continues to do.

-Everyone has a story, don’t think you cornered the market on pain and struggle. Stop talking about and use what you learned from it to help someone.

-Speaking of......Help Someone. If you can why wouldn’t you.

-Be the best version of yourself without ever thinking your better than anyone else. If Jesus didn’t think he was better than a leper then neither are you. The ground is equal at the foot of the cross fool.

In the end, you have given me more life than I have ever given you and you have taught me everything in life...love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. You have been daily reminders of the fruits of the spirit. I admire you so much. It has been the greatest experience raising you. It never once felt like a chore. I never felt the need to complain that you caused me to not sleep, except about Sam who still owes me!! I had my best talks with you babies in the early mornings. I never felt like the exception. I was able to recognize that I wasn’t doing anything that women past, present and future did or will do. (Remember Grandma Daisy had 14 kids and no indoor plumbing, that’s #momsohard.) I just enjoyed you. We had fun and we laughed a lot. I hope you remember those times more than the hard times. Actually I lived for raising these one day adults. No one loved me like you kids do and I hope you know that nothing can replace a mother’s love. Every stage was cooler than the last.

You are the greatest blessings I have ever received and I think at moments I have failed to recognize when God was blessing me because all else pales in comparison to the great joy and love you have filled me with. Everything good in me comes from the love I have for you. You are bold, courageous and strong, devoted and fiercely loyal. Please know I will do my best to stay in my place as you grow and begin your adult lives but you hold the keys to my heart and nothing will ever take the place of you. Never think I’m staying back because I don’t want to be with you and always know I am only a phone call away. Never think that you can’t call me and I will be there in a second or that you just walking through the door unexpectedly isn’t the greatest thrill of my day. My heart grew with each child but in different ways.

Presley you really are my ride or die. We grew up together. You are like a soulmate to me. I pray over your life and your marriage everyday.

London you are everything I want to be when I grow up. Everyday I try harder to be just like you. You are so compassionate towards anything breathing. You make no distinction among people. You only offer love and I don’t know how but you are grace under fire. You balance so much for someone so young. I pray you never become jaded by people or life.

Sam, Elvis sang a song called “My Happiness” and I feel that describes you best. You love life, you never sweat the small stuff and you create happiness in the dullest situations. You have a light that burns bright and I pray it never gets extinguished.

My Scarlet you are the iron that sharpens iron that the spoken of in Proverbs. You are so wise beyond your years and your vision for life is so sharp and grounded. You keep us stronger and better than we were the day before. I pray you will always inspire. good in people like you do now.

I wish you all health and happiness but in all honesty if you ain’t happy ain’t nobody gonna be happy I will make sure of that. On my honor I will always be there for you as you have been for me. Life will change but we can always be friends.


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