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It's Been A Minute

Hey everyone. It has been a minute since we got a fresh post up on MTR. I like to think of it as we were on Summer Break. MJ & I were on tour with Starpower Talent Competition for 3 weeks straight. We were in Branson, Ocean City, and Anaheim!

It was full of first experiences. I got to have In n Out twice (totally worth the hype) and I got to visit Disneyland. Which was a blast since I had never been to Disneyland but have been to Walt Disney World 19 times and counting. We left with suitcases weighing 40 lbs week one and then left week two with 70 lbs bags. We got to maneuver LAX at 4 am with a total of 7 bags (started with 4)!

Although there was fun to be had we did work some crazy hours so when we had down time we usually were catching a flight to a new city or catching up on some much needed sleep. We decided that instead of putting all the posts on London we would take a little hiatus so that we could provide our readers with quality over quantity with our posts.

So buckle up! We are back!


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