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My Every Day Makeup Routine and Current Favorite Products

Updated: May 4, 2019


When it comes to my makeup routine for the weekdays I keep it pretty simple for myself.

I don't like to wake up early enough to make this look more than 15 mins max. The video below gives you a step by step for my current routine. If you would like more on the products I used and currently love keep reading! I’ll post links and reasons why the products I’m using are my current favorite!

Bonus some of these items are from Sephora so check out the sale happening and try these out!

Products Used Daily:

Prep Spray: One Item you don't see me use is my St. Tropez Purity Bronzing Spray. I use this every morning and night. Because I'm always spray tanned or self tanned, while also having a rigorous skin care routine my face tends to be the first thing to fade. This product keeps my face tanned so when I go makeup free I am not multiple skin tones.

Primer/Moisturizer: Some days I do just completely skip primer. I’m always moisturized from my morning skincare routine, so I have been skipping that part and just adding Makeup Forever Liquid highlight to my target areas to make my face even more refreshed.

Foundation: L’Oréal Pro-Glow has been my person favorite when it comes to drugstore. It’s been around for awhile and I just haven’t had a DS product that beats it. I especially love it during the spring/summer time. When I want a more dewy/glowing look! This gives full covereage but can be tamed down as well!

Concealer:Milani When I first bought this it kind got pushed aside. But nowww I’m on bottle 3 I love it. It isn’t a high coverage, more light-medium. Which I like for day time and work, save the full coverage for nights and weekends!

Setting Powders:

Cover FX Powder: I got sent this powder to review a while back. Needless to say I’ve been obsessed ever since. It is has a very pretty shine to it when used and brightens my under eye perfectly. I only use this product under my eyes, simply because the highlight in the powder will make my face shine more than I want.

Lancôme Powder: For my entire face I use this powder. I also got sent this powder to review and it’s on constant rotate with my Laura Mercier powder. The two are very similar I just feel the Lancôme is a bit lighter of a powder.

Blush: Pixie Palette is my first actual palette purchase from pixie and I’m loving it. I mainly got it for the blushes but the highlight shades are equally as beautiful and pigmented. I bought a 2nd for my professional kit.

Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow: I’ve pretty much used this product since I started filling my brows in lol. I’ve tried pencils and different brands and nothing compares for me personally.


Urban Decay Subversion & Perversion Mascara: This is a newer product to my collection. I usually wear lashes so I never really cared about mascara or primer, but with pollen season I’ve had to pick and choose when I where my lashes. This combo makes my natural lashes look so much longer and thicker than they actually are. I’m so impressed with this combo!

Setting Spray:

Lancôme Fix It Forget It : I got sent this when I got sent their powder and this is the only setting spray I’m currently purchasing and using. It’s sooooooo good guys, it locks my makeup in for the entire day!

Alright guys that’s it for my product picks! Go watch the video for my steps and application!

Thanks for reading and watching, if there are other makeup looks you’d be interested in let me know! ❤️


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