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My Friend the Witch Doctor

With all the craziness going on in the world (hello Covid-19) everyone is trying their best to stay healthy, especially us mamas to be! One second you are being told that pregnant women have no greater risk than anyone else and that it can’t reach your baby in utero, the next second you are seeing where other states/countries have put pregnant women on a 12 week self quarantine. One thing is for sure you do not want to catch the ‘rona if you can prevent it!

Obviously, your best shot at prevention is self distancing and self quarantine. However, some of us aren’t that lucky. If you are like me and your job is considered “essential” and not equipped to be remote then staying at home on a quarantine is not an option for you. So if you have to leave the safety of your house you want to take every precaution you can!

I love my OB office. Along with having fantastic doctors on staff they also have a midwife. Now not to take away from the doctors (because I love them all) but I was very happy to have my last 2nd Trimester appointment this week with the office midwife. She is an older lady from South Africa who has been a practicing midwife for 40 years, so girlfriend knows her stuff. During our appointment, I asked her all about concerns with Covid-19 and any natural remedies I can take to help my body fight it off. She said that because it is a new virus that they can not possibly predict the long term effects it will have so it is of course something to be weary off. As for arming your immune system she joked that “When the world shuts down for an illness everyone calls the witch doctor for advice”. She said follow the CDC guidelines for one (self distancing, washing hands, disinfecting surfaces, etc). For the natural remedies, she recommended Elderberry Syrup, Honey, Mushrooms, and lots of water.


“Elderberry has been used for over a millennia to fight off illnesses” according to my midwife. Luckily unlike a millennia ago you do not have to go out and harvest your own elderberry to get the benefits. You can find elderberry syrups and supplements in just about any pharmacy. Sumbucol is the most popular premade elderberry. Of course, there are many different recipes for homemade elderberry syrups online. I use a homemade recipe. The homemade recipe is definitely full of taste… So the 1st couple of days be ready with some water to chase it until you get used to it.


Did you know that honey is antibacterial?! Yah just like the soap that you can’t find in stock anywhere! So I have been adding a tablespoon of honey to my bedtime tea which I am not complaining about because who does not want some extra sweetness in their day?


Some mushrooms are an immune boosting superfood! Now if you are like me and the thought of munching on mushrooms all day makes you say “Well Shitake!” then you are going to want to try the Four Sigmatic Mushroom Blend Mix. My midwife specifical recommended this as what she personally uses. I immediately got in the car and ordered myself & my Mimi & Grande (who have promised me Covid-19 only affects the elderly not them) a container to start adding in ASAP. I add the 2 scoops to my collagen coffee in the morning and I do not even taste it. I think because coffee has such a bold taste. I will say this is probably not something that I would try to take by itself. The smell is definitely strong and earthy.

Lots of H2O

This should be a daily habit even when a worldwide pandemic isn’t going on. Making sure you’re staying hydrated helps flush the toxins out of your body. I like to add Lemon juice to my water for taste and because lemon juice is antibacterial.

She did not say that using these tips would guarantee that I would stay covid-19 free but why not arm your body with the proper tools to fight it off?! Keep your distance and stay safe and stay sane my friends!

**Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and all information

should be approved by your practitioner!**

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