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My Must Haves for Traveling

My Travel Hair and Makeup Must Haves!

Any time I am packing for a trip – I can get myself into a panic about forgetting something really important! It is even more challenging when you add the fact that most of the time Nick and I travel only with a carry on! We have traveled to NYC, San Franciso, Atlanta and now I am preparing for both West Palm Beach and California in the same month and with just a carry on. That being said, one thing I’ve learned is that almost anything can be purchased once I get to the destination – it is not a big deal. However, with that said, there are a few items that are either quite pricy or hard to find, that I like to make 100% sure I’ve tossed into my makeup/cosmetic bag! The 10 items above are must-haves for me (my skin and hair) and I need them even more when we are on the go!


#1 Lavanilla deodorant or Crystal Deodorant | I travel with one of these daily. I loathe smelling badly, I mean who doesn't ??– and the last thing I want to be thinking about when I am in a new location for only a few days is not feeling fresh. Trust me, with one of these products, that is your last worry. They do not have a strong scent at all – just fresh and clean and wonderful!

#2 Michael Kors Perfume | Speaking of smelling… umm this perfume is the bomb dot com. One of my moms brides was wearing this and we’ve been obsessed ever since– everyone in my family gets/steals this perfume! It seems like most of the time girls all have different opinions on scents/fragrances but this is one that I think everyone is bound to like! Also, it is long wearing – it sticks to you and your clothing well.

#3 Under Eye Patches | I use these at home every now and then, but I typically only use them while traveling. I tend to swell and get a little puffy, but when I travel it’s on a new level. Lack of sleep really shows in my under eye area so I always pack these patches because they brighten the area and make them look less altered. I love teaming these with my jade roller!

#4 GLOPro Microneedling Tool | Okay, I think I’ve talked about this in the past month but REALLY. I don’t know what I was doing without it! It doesn’t hurt badly and always keeps my skin plump and smooth looking!

#5 Kat Von D Contour Palette | This has been my go-to for years now – I love the lighter shades for brightening my under eye area and the darker for contouring!

#6 Egg Cream Hydration Masks | I like traveling with them for the same reasons as I do the under eye patches – they just hydrate and restore my skin. Airplanes cause your skin to get dry and lose a lot of water so it is important to stay hydrated and moisturized.

#7 Victorialand Beauty lip and eye cream | I mentioned this in my past skin care blog, but this stuff is a game changer for plump lips!. I apply this before my moisturizer day and night. Then I apply my makeup and with each application of these products I notice a big difference my first time using this. MUST.HAVE.

#8 Ouai Rose Body & Hair Oil | My friend at Sephora mentioned this to me last time I was in and I decided to buy it and try it and ended up loving it as much as she guessed I would! It basically helps to keep your hair smooth, tame and not frizzy. It's a lightweight oil so it doesn’t make your hair appear oily or anything – just makes mine smooth & shiny. Plus this eliminates the need for lotion because this oil is for you body as well. #funfact

#9 Volume Powder | Holy Smokes – I cant mention this product enough because it is THAT good. I had to be on a waiting list for like a month to get this! It is worth it though!

#10 Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub | I swear by this while traveling – I use it at least every other night to get rid of dead, dry skin! Just resurfaces everything and your products will soak in better!

Thanks for reading, I hope you like these products if you give them a try!


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