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New Year, New Skin!

It is a new year, do you feel like you are still struggling with the same unhappy skin of 2018?

The best time to start taking care of your skin is, yesterday. When I am questioned by clients on how to be satisfied with their daily makeup application, the biggest tip I can give is to evaluate their skin care routine.

If you are not giving proper care to your skin it will become textured, discolored, dull and well just plain sad. Picture your makeup application like painting. No, it does not have to be rolled and as thick, but if you have skin that looks like a spackled wall, the more “paint” you use the more you highlight the imperfections.

There are definitely ways to apply makeup to hide imperfections. As a professional makeup artist, I have learned many skills, tips and tricks to cover up and promote your real beauty, but the truth is if we can start with well prepped skin, even your own at home daily application will bring you better results.

I am very religious about my skin care routine. It took me a few years and a lot of products to find a regimen that works great for my skin. Below, I have listed MY top tested and preferred products. I will begin with the high end products and move my review through to my favorite drugstore skin care products for each segment.


Rodan and Fields Unblemish

This is as expensive as I will personally go when it comes to high end total regimens. I don’t see a need to go any higher priced. I have used both the Unblemish and the Reverse and although I would throw my support towards any R&F products, the Unblemish has been the best thing to happen to my skin. When I remain consistent with this product not even my psoriasis can spoil my skin.

* Side Note: lash boost is the one product I would want if I was stranded on a deserted island!

Burts Bees Acne Regimen

This is great for someone who does not want to invest a great deal but still desires a good skin care routine, especially for oily skin. I personally tend to fall in the oily skin category with only a few dry patches.

The cleanser 2x a day, the roller spot treatment at night and the exfoliating 1-2 nights a week changed the game for my skin. I still use the roller with my current skincare selection when I have the occasional breakout.


Derma-E Advanced Peptide & Collagen Moisturizer

& Eye Cream Skin Restore Peptide Serum

I have used these products for years, since freshman year of high school. I use the Serum night and day, but I use the moisturizer and eye cream at night only because it is pretty heavy. When I wake up the next morning my skin is well hydrated and remains glowing all day long. I love using this combo the most during the summer months, when my skin is especially dried out by the sun and salty beach air and really needs the added hydration.

Neutrogena Hydroboost Water Gel and Serum

This is the perfect dupe for The Body Shop Moisturizer. This is something I have currently been testing. I put it on at night when my skin needs the extra “boost”! It is very hydrating (like it claims), but not as heavy as The Body Shop line. This means it can be used both morning and night.


Fresh Rosewater Toner

I LOVE THIS TONER! My pores are small and this rids my skin of oil without drying my skin. It smells so lovely and feels really good on my skin. The only downside is that it is a bit pricey, however, a little goes a long way. One minor side note, the product can get trapped under the rose petals bottled up, which can make it frustrating to get your monies worth. Overall the benefits outweigh the negatives.

Thayers Toner

These are the best drug store toners in my opinion. I love the way it cleans my skin and when I use this product I notice a distinct difference in my skin. It helps to keep my skin clean and clear with an even tone. It also helps to ward of the oils coming to the surface longer.

I hope these items can help you upgrade your Skin care, If you have any more questions feel free to message me privately on Instagram! I would be happy to help you find the right items that fit both your wallet and skin!

Happy Sunday Everyone

I hope you enjoy your week!


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