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Peak & Pit: Summer Edition

Something I have always tried to do was strike up meaningful conversation with my kids from the moment they could talk. I loved their perspective on things and I love knowing what kind of things spoke to their heart, what things made no impression and what things were forever memories. So at dinner when they were very young, I instituted “highs and lows” of the day. It was an awesome talking point and I learned a lot about my kids through this exercise. What made them happy? What made them sad? What affected their thoughts and feelings? As they have grown and we seem to gather at a table less and less, we do more of a “peak and pit” of special times, holidays, vacation, parties. Tonight’s blog is our Peak and Pit for the Summer of 2019.


I have so much this summer that was a new experience for me, that it is so hard to narrow down to just one Peak!! I took a huge leap of faith and it has not lead me astray. I’m proud that I have pushed fear aside and handled business! I’ve seen new places, tried new things, and met some amazing people. I have laughed and I have cried. I have been through a lot of changes, so with that said my peak has to be South Beach. It was a true vacation. My bag was shoved full of swimsuits and I played in the water for hours. The food was amazing, the drinks were better and our environment my relaxing. I always set high expectations on, well pretty much everything, and this trip exceeded every expectation. I can’t wait to return to my happy place!

My Pit most definitely was my neck. I have suffered through a few injuries in my day and this late spring it all came to a head. My discs deteriorated and collapsed on each other and I felt pain like never before. Surgery seemed to be the only answer but after a lot of prayer I decided to try PT first. A good amount of my summer has been spent in Physical Therapy. When I went in for my first visit I was 49% disabled and through a lot of work almost daily my therapist was able to get me down to 12% disabled. I could drive again safely and I could feel my left arm and fingers again. After all the work travel I was evaluated again and had gone up to 28% disabled, but worse the pain and numbness was back. I have been told that if I need PT daily for a while longer and then they will re-evaluate for surgery. So more dedication to the exercises and a lot more prayer because surgery will be a 6 month recovery and that is a GO-NO-GO for take off!!


The peak of my summer was really my entire summer. I was and am so excited to be getting back into something that I love and truly missed. DANCE! In July, I was able to participate in the Grand Finale of my 1st season at Starpower. MJ & I were on the road for 3 weeks straight for the Starpower Nationals Competition. We traveled to Branson, MI, Ocean City, MD, & Anaheim, Ca. I loved it! We were also able to visit Disneyland for the 1st time while in Cali. When we returned I started teaching some summer classes at a dance studio in LaPlata names the Dance Force. I am extremely excited to say that I accepted a teaching position there for the 2019-2020 season!

The pit of my summer would be the 3 weeks away from Dean. Honestly, I am not sure if we have ever been 3 weeks apart straight since we met (even when we were just friends). Luckily for me, Dean has always challenged me to push myself to be my best and live life to the fullest. The 2nd pit was also my peak. The end of the Starpower season. Most of the staff we had been working with through out the season. So it was bittersweet to have to say good bye until the 2020 season starts in January.


The peak of my summer would have to be that this is my first summer where I’ve finished school and started with my new career. I have had so much freedom to travel and be with my friends and family all while working. Since the moment I graduated high school I’ve worked 2 jobs at a time and would often miss a lot of family trips and parties or simply quality time. But now I get to enjoy my time with everyone while managing my career.

With that being said my side peak was Miami, my family always sets expectations pretty high and normally we are met somewhere with a little disappointment but this was not the case. Miami exceeds all expectations, from hotel to the atmosphere it was unforgettable. Its somewhere I highly recommend going! Even if just to sit in the water float and do nothing else!

In whole, my summer was pretty perfect I don't know if I really would have a pit outside of not seeing some of my family out of Maryland more. But I’m so excited it’s time for my favorite season FALL and I can't wait!!


My peak of the summer was our trip to South Beach, Miami. While we were there we got to eat lunch at the Versace Mansion. I have never experienced anything like it, it was incredible. We also spent almost all day everyday at the beach. The water there was so clear I could see my toes how far I went out. This trip was just so incredible that I don't know if anything will ever top it.


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