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Spring Has Sprung Y'all!!

Updated: May 20, 2019

Although fall will always be my first love, we have an open relationship! Therefore, my foundness of warmer weather is acceptable. My favorite thing about the rise in temperature, even above being outside, swimming and beaching, is MJ’s “Family Funday Sunday”. We try to do this all year but it is a given once the warm weather shows up. About 7 years ago, we when started getting to ages where our lives started taking different paths; jobs, moving away for school, sports, significant others, our mom instituted Sunday Funday, or Forced Family Funday! This was to give us all an opportunity to get together in a relaxing environment, talk about our highs and lows of the week, laugh and play. As we’ve gotten older we’ve really come to appreciate her early efforts to keep our bond strong. We look forward to catching up with each other, especially when Sam comes to town. We also love seeing what she has planned each Sunday especially the menu! Her surprise menus have included, Chili Bars, Beach Day Crushes, Bourbon Brunch, Soulfood Sunday, and Italian Feasts to name a few.

Sunday after church we meet up, usually at her house and have a big linner (lunch+dinner). My personal favorite and forever request is the Lo' Country Boil. This is known by several different names depending on region. The version we eat is more Louisiana inspired and was originally known as Frogmore Stew. It is perfect for large groups and entertaining. This is a one pot meal, that doesn’t require much time away from your guests to prepare. When it’s ready you just pour the boil onto the covered table and everyone starts picking! The conversations and laughs never have to end!

Everyone has their own twists on this Southern Classic but I think we have perfected it!

What you need:




Small Potatoes

Spicy Sausage

Corn on the Cob

Crawfish Boil Seasoning

Old Bay

Lemons halfed

Onion largely sliced

1. Add the seasoning, potatoes, lemon halves and onions to a big pot of water and get it boiling.

2. Reduce water to a simmer.

3. Lastly throw in the sausage and seafood at the very end.

4. As soon as seafood it cooked serve it up!!!


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