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"Do not squander time.  That is the stuff life is made of"

Gone With The Wind

I definitely have an affinity for all holidays, but there has always been an overwhelming exhilaration that comes over me at New Year's.

I thoroughly enjoy setting goals!  Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals.

For me, New Years signifies progression and reflection.  I love the quiet morning hours of January 1.  I use them to review the year and reflect on the days to come.

    First Step...VISION BOARD!  Generally , this is a project that consumes my day. Honest self reflection is not as easy as it sounds. I start with loose leaf paper and begin to identify and list the areas I feel are not as strong as I would like them to be.  From there, I then list my plan of action under each topic.  You can not expect to be successful in reaching your goals if you stop at listing them, knowing is only half the battle.  Fully equip yourself for success.  Remember, you just identified these areas as weak.  Once I have completed this task, out comes the poster board and colored pencils, and in just a few hours, my beautiful year is webbed out.  Yes, webbed, just like in 3rd grade language arts, with that my fresh start begins!

I live and thrive by the clock.  I have alarms set on my phone throughout the day.  Of course there are no alarms on Sundays, holidays and the coveted day off, but Monday-Saturday in order to accomplish my daily goals, I manage my time very carefully.  Is this done everyday?  I would be lying if I said yes.  Someday's life wins, although with efficient scheduling, most days, 90% even, I win.  

    A little back story; I was married at the young age of 18 and by the time I reached just 23 years of age, I was the mother of 3 children under the age of 4!  I had a house to run and children to raise.  We were in construction of a new house and I was working outside of the home.  As we grew and began school, dance, sports, social events and church, hosting dinner parties and holiday parties, we added a 4th baby.  I knew then if I wanted to shower, eat, etc. on a regular basis, I better learn to use my time wisely.  Thus, began my time charts! 

     We all struggle in certain areas of life and when you have multiple small children, there are things that may lag if you plan to keep your sanity.  I can admit that my laundry at times bore a close resemblance to Mount Washington and that I had little finger prints on my doors.  I can also admit I never missed one thing my children did.  I was not only present at big moments but I was present in the moment. Every moment.  The older they got and the more I organized my life, those clothes and fingerprints became a thing of the past.    

     My oldest daughter, Presley, really struggled with getting out of the door for high school each morning and it was becoming a real source of contention between her and her driver, aka her father!  So I sat down with her and worked out a morning timeline based off of what was important to her.  Questions I asked were designed to start her day off with success and confidence.

     First and foremost what you can do the night before...MUST be done the night before.  Things such as lunches packed, backpack and sports bags ready to go and by the door.  Clothes should be selected the night before.  If you have ever raised a teenage daughter, you know that a few outfits should be selected because they never know if they will be "feeling it" the next morning.  She decided to get the maximum amount of sleep, she would wash and blow out her hair the night before, that way she could sleep in. For her morning ritual she chose 15 minutes for makeup and 15 minutes to get dressed, watch her local news show, grab breakfast and be on her way.

5:45 ALARM


6-6:15 MAKEUP

6:15-6:20 REFRESH HAIR

6:20-6:35 DRESSED


WITH BRIAN VAN DE GRAAFF (don't ask,lol)


This was her method for daily time management that we hung in her room..

I highly encourage, if you are struggling with time management or your children are, work out a timed schedule, frame it and use the resource, at least until you make it a lifestyle. Do what you can to make your day and your child's day a success.

Are you ready to get your year on track?  Start with your vision board. There is also an app  pocketvisionboard, that is a great resource for my tech savvy friends.  It is a handy way to stay focused and motivated by having 24/7 access to your 2019 goals. When preparing for your week ahead be certain to take inventory each day.  Leave nothing out. Once you are finished, prepare yourself for a successful week ahead!

First things first...Wake Up

End the game with Bedtime,zzzzz

Memories are what you make in between!!

Happy New Start Everyone!


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