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Tri-Hard: 1st Trimester Must Haves

Updated: May 27

Hello my beautiful mamas to be or planning to be,

Welcome to this next stage of your life! Whether this is your first baby or fourth, there are always new tips and tricks to be learned. When researching food plans and exercises safe for the 1st trimester the one phrase that always popped up was "Survival Mode". Most women agree in saying the 1st trimester is the hardest. Although I would view my 1st trimester as "not that bad", I will say there was definitely uncomfortable times that I discovered tricks to make the 1st Trimester go a lot more smoothly!

1.Unisom & Vitamin B6

These are my number one and top must have. I had nausea and would get sick at least once every day from Week 8-Week 14. Now 5 weeks might not sound like a lot in comparison of the 40 weeks you are pregnant but 35 days of being sick everyday feels like an eternity. Foods didn’t help or hurt the case of my nausea. I had a really bad nasal drip (symptom of pregnancy) and had tried Benadryl, lemon water, netty pots but nothing worked. I contacted my doctor because the nausea was causing me to not want to eat and she suggested taking Unisom and Vitamin B6 before bed at night. It was magical. I haven’t been sick since. Plus, the Unisom helps you sleep well which is much needed!

2. Motion Sickness Bands

Dean got me these about 2 weeks into the sickies.I noticed anytime I got into a lower car I would get car sick from even a 20 minutes car ride. I was very skeptical of these at 1st but they definitely helped. First time wearing them was a 2.5 hour drive for Deans office Christmas party and I didn't feel nauseous once.

3. Protein Bars

If you are anything like me, you will be shocked by how not hungry you are 1st trimester. Now obviously you must focus on getting in some type of nutrients especially while pregnant! So, I got protein meal bars and would force myself to at least snack on them so I knew I was getting in a decent amount of protein. I preferred the Special K bars because they were dry.

4. Heating Pad

Before the nausea even kicked in, sore hips were one of my 1st symptom. I never slept with a heating pad but if Dean and I were sitting down stairs watching TV I would alternate sides on my hips. I wouldn’t sit it across my hips (even though my doctor said this was fine) because I didn’t like the feeling of it.

5. Loose Clothes

Even before the bump I didn’t want any tight clothing on my stomach. It was just uncomfortable. I think by week 7 I had completely packed my pre-pregnancy jeans away and was only wearing leggings and maternity jeans. Depending on when you announce your pregnancy, you may also want baggy shirts just so you don’t have to stress about people finding out before you’re ready to share. Bras!! You will be sore! The last thing you want to deal with is a push up or a too constrictive sports bra. Make sure you run out and grab some new bras (probably safe to size up) so you can be as comfortable as possible.

6. Water Enhancers

If you experience morning sickness regularly you must make sure that you are rehydrating daily. The last thing I wanted was plain water, so I found adding propel packets or even just lemon juice to my iced water helped make all the difference. Propel packets are especially ice because they are 0 calories, cheap, have many flavors, and have added electrolytes.

What is most important is that you remember your growing a life! No matter how rough it may seem this is a short period of your life that will definitely be worth it in the end.


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