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Tri-Hard: 2nd Trimester Must Haves

Hello my beautiful mamas to be or planning to be,

Welcome to the 2nd trimester. Voted "Most Liked", the 2nd trimester can mean saying good bye to some of the more annoying pregnancy symptoms, you will probably start showing with a cute baby bump, and if your finding out you get to find out the gender! Still your body is going through some changes and these are the products I felt helped make the adjustments a breeze.

1.Maternity Pillow

In the 2nd trimester, many recommend you stop sleeping on your back...because its as easy as that when you are a back sleeper. SIKE! Not only is it extremely comfortable (all the snuggliness of being the little spoon minus the movement and body heat) but it made it really easy to make sure that I stayed on my side while I slept.

2. Belly Band:

I use the Upsie Belly Band by Belly Bandit. If you are active, carrying low, or working on your feet this is a life saver. My little man hung out low from the beginning and during months 5 & 6 of my pregnancy (pre-corona pandemic) I was working my day job, teaching dance, teaching my workout classes, and traveling for dance competitions. So I did not have time to deal with back pain or round ligament pain. This was an absolute must and something I will definitely invest in again for any future pregnancies.

3. Compression Socks

Surprisingly I did not have as much of an issue with swollen ankles as I expected I would (since my ankles would swell pretty bad pre-pregnancy). With flying, exercising, and being on my feet I did deal with stiffness and the occasional swelling. These were my favorite. Extremely cost effective and not too constrictive. I added them to my pajama attire to help with swelling and the random midnight charlie horses.

4. Premama Energy Boost:

As a former caffeine junkie, going cold turkey was no bueno. I've always been work horse usually maintaining at least 2 jobs at a time but those all were fueled by cold brew and energy drinks. I was really skeptical about this being able to make dent in my pregnancy fatigue running from my day job to the dance studio or keeping jet lag at bay but it was perfect. Very mild tasting and was the perfect pick me up.

5. Humidifier & Unisom:

Like some women, My morning sickness didn't leave me at the end of the 1st trimester. I continued to use Unisom and my Humidifer throughout the 2nd trimester and only had to deal with the morning ickies if I forgot to take the Unisom before bed.

6. Belly Oil:

I didn't start showing until about week 20 but I started oiling up at the start of the 2nd trimester. Although personally I will admit that I was hoping to prevent stretch marks something that no one told me was that as your belly grows it can dry out and get SUPER itchy. I liked this belly oil because it gave instant relief!


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